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Precautions for Using Dental Floss


Precautions for using dental floss
1. Choosing dental floss is a personal preference. In fact, any kind of dental floss can effectively remove dental plaque and tartar as long as it is used properly. The frequency of using dental floss is once a day, especially after dinner.
2. Be gentle when using dental floss. You can press into the bottom of the gingival sulcus to clean the gingival sulcus area, but you can't press it excessively to prevent bleeding, pain and other symptoms of the gums. When using dental floss, cut too hard to avoid damaging the gums. Different segments of dental floss should be used to enter different interdental spaces, and clean dental floss should always be used to remove adjacent plaque.
3. People who have problems such as large gaps between teeth, swollen and painful gums, and exposed roots should not use dental floss. If the gap between the teeth is too large, dental floss will not be able to clean thoroughly; using dental floss when the gums are 
swollen and painful may induce bleeding in the gums: there are some large and small depressions on the roots, and dental floss cannot clean these parts thoroughly.Heart Bottle Dental Flossers
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