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How to Use Dental Floss


How to use dental floss
1. Ordinary dental floss
Ordinary dental floss is usually packed in a small round box with rollers. The dental floss is wrapped around the roller and can be easily pulled out during use, making it easier to carry at any time.First of all, pull out a piece of dental floss. The specific length is based on the feeling that you are suitable for use. Generally, the required length on the dental floss box is too long, and a large part of it is wasted.Secondly, wrap the two ends of the crimping thread around the index fingers of both hands. If you find it troublesome, you can also directly pinch the two ends of the dental floss with your fingers, but this is easy to loosen, just follow your own habits.Third, 
stretch the crimping line with both hands, and then slowly put it into the gap between the teeth (you can slide it left and right and put it down), gently put it on the bottom of the gap, and then start to the direction of the teeth. After pulling out and removing impurities, then operate the other side of the tooth in the same procedure. In this way, it is repeatedly used between other teeth, and the used dental floss will not be reused.
2. Floss with stick
It puts a small floss on a small stick. This kind of floss is more convenient to use. It can be used directly without wrapping it on the hand. Hold the rod with one hand, and directly put the flossed end between the teeth carefully. You can slide it left and right, gently place .it to the bottom of the teeth, and then pull it out against the side of the teeth and remove it. The dirty stuff slides between the teeth again, removing the other side. Then remove other teeth in turn. Dental Flossers
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