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Misunderstandings of Using Dental Floss


Misunderstandings of using dental floss
Many people like to use dental floss to remove food residue stuck between their teeth. In the past, many medical studies have proved that dental floss is indeed helpful for teeth cleaning, but the wrong way of using dental floss will not only make you unclean, but also Increase the risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease.
Mistake 1: Only clean the food stuck between the teeth.
Flossing is actually not only cleaning the stubbornly stuck food residue, but also cleaning the bacteria in the teeth, so remember to take the action lightly, stick the dental floss to the curvature of the teeth, and take a few times to complete the cleaning work.
Mistake 2: Repeated use of a dental floss.I just mentioned that the doctor suggested that it is best to use dental floss to clean your teeth, but it should also be noted that it is best to use dental floss to clean different parts, otherwise it will be like using a dirty rag to wipe the table forever. Not clean.
Mistake 3: Only clean up and down.
Many people only clean up and down when using dental floss, but in fact, dental floss should be up and down, left and right, close to the curvature of the teeth, try to take care of each direction, and finally scrape gently along the teeth to really effectively remove the teeth. On the bacteria, avoid accumulating and forming dental calculus.

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