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Do You Need to Brush Your Tongue When Brushing Your Teeth with a Bamboo Toothbrush


Do you need to brush your tongue when brushing your teeth with a bamboo toothbrush

If all kinds of bacteria, dead skin cells, saliva and food residues are accumulated in the gaps of the tongue papilla for a long time and cannot be removed in time, it may destroy the balance of the oral flora and lead to the occurrence of diseases. In addition, brushing your tongue frequently can also help freshen your breath and eliminate bad breath.

Causes of nausea when brushing your tongue

1. When brushing the tongue, the root of the tongue is irritated and lifted and touches the back wall of the pharynx, which can cause nausea.
2. Squeeze too much toothpaste. When brushing the tongue, too much foam will irritate the throat and cause nausea.
3. Brush your teeth with cold water (especially in winter). Due to the large temperature difference between the oral cavity and water, it can stimulate the oral nerves and cause nausea.

4. It may be caused by chronic pharyngitis and gastritis

Ways to clean your tongue

1. Strength: When brushing your tongue, do not use too much force. If it is not clean, you can gently brush it several times.
2. Frequency: According to personal needs, brush off the tongue occasionally, usually twice a week, but can also be increased or decreased relative to individual needs, arbitrarily arranged.
3. Time: When brushing your teeth, just brush off your tongue, so you don't need to keep brushing for a long time.
4. Tools: You can use a special tongue scraper. Please pay attention to the size of the tool. It is too large and inflexible, and it can easily cause vomiting.

5. Action: When the brush head touches the tongue surface, brush from the root of the tongue to the tip of the tongue to avoid moving in the opposite direction; when it reaches the mouth, the brush head should be suspended. Do not inhale when scraping the tongue, or you can exhale gently to avoid vomiting.

Bamboo Toothbrush With Big Tail

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