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Safety Precautions for Using Toothpicks


Safety precautions for using toothpicks

A toothpick may hide tens of thousands of bacteria, and it is easy to get sick from the mouth, such as hepatitis B, tuberculosis and other diseases. Consumers should only pick one toothpick each time, and it will break after use to prevent secondary pollution, and throw it away after use.It is understood that the safety of toothpicks can arise in two stages. The first is the production stage. Due to the low technical content of toothpick production, most of the producers are family workshops, and the quality is difficult to guarantee. Sub-pollution.

Safety Precautions:

1. Many people have the habit of picking their teeth with toothpicks after meals. They don't know that if the wrong way of picking their teeth or picking their teeth indiscriminately every day, the gap between the teeth will become larger and the gums will be damaged. On the contrary, the effect of protecting the teeth will not be achieved.
2. The toothpick head is relatively sharp, so you should pay attention to safety when using it, and don't puncture the gums or other parts of the oral cavity. Another thing to pay special attention to is that toothpicks should be placed in a suitable place. If there is a child in the family, and if you accidentally let him get it and put it in your mouth, it may stick to the child. If it is serious, it will fall into the stomach, and the consequences will be more serious. Therefore, it is reminded here to pay attention to the correct position of the toothpick.
3. Don't hold toothpicks often. Some consumers accidentally swallowed the toothpicks in their stomachs, punctured their small intestines, and took them out of the body after emergency operations in the hospital, almost losing their lives.Small Cylinder Bamboo Toothpick
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