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Import and export companies participated in the second phase of the 135th Canton Fair Home Furnishings Exhibition


The second phase of the 135th Canton Fair Home Products Exhibition will be held in Guangzhou from April 23 to 27, 2024. In order to make full use of the "golden sign" of the Canton Fair, seize opportunities, seize orders, and vigorously expand the company's independently developed products foreign trade business projects, as a long-established municipal foreign trade state-owned enterprise, the import and export company attaches great importance to and carefully organizes and carefully prepares the exhibition. Works such as setting up exhibitions and participating in exhibitions. We continue to develop the Canton Fair customer development platform and strive to achieve new business breakthroughs.

At this exhibition, the import and export foreign trade team participated in the exhibition with more than 60 bamboo household products in 5 categories including chopstick gift sets, bamboo kitchen supplies, bamboo cloth storage supplies, bamboo storage supplies, and bamboo furniture. With their safety, professionalism, and The energy-saving, high-quality products and services attract many domestic and foreign buyers from home and abroad to stop and watch, negotiate and consult.

During the exhibition, the exhibition team warmly received merchants from all over the world, including the United States, Germany, France, Russia, South Korea and Japan, patiently introduced the exhibiting products to the merchants, and established contact channels by exchanging business cards, adding WeChat and push email addresses. At the same time, We also specially invite old customers from the United States to come to the company’s booth for on-site inspection.

This exhibition received a total of more than 200 buyers and suppliers, contacted more than 80 interested customers, and reached preliminary quotation intentions for more than 30 people, including many large-scale supermarket purchasers from countries such as Germany and the United States. The quality of merchants has been further improved compared to previous years. And the first on-site transaction order was reached, which injected confidence and vitality into the company's development of self-operated foreign trade export business.

In the next step, the import and export company will comprehensively sort out the customer information, continue to do a good job in customer return visits and development work through a combination of "online + offline" methods such as emails, WeChat, phone calls and on-site inspections, and further expand self-operated foreign trade business to With innovation as the engine and quality as the cornerstone, we will provide customers with more comprehensive and high-quality services, and strive to create a new situation in the transformation and development of the company's foreign trade business.

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