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Import and export companies participated in the 134th Canton Fair


Make extensive connections with the world and benefit the world. The second phase of the 134th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) closed on October 27th, and the third phase closed on November 4th. Fujian Longyan Import And Export Company Limited. (referred to as the Import and Export Company) participated in the exhibition with 100 samples of bamboo and food products.

The import and export company attaches great importance to this exhibition, taking into account the regional characteristics of home and food products in Longyan and the province, and carefully carries out various preparations such as exhibition product development and booth layout. In the second phase of the exhibition, a total of 7 categories of nearly 50 bamboo products were developed, including bamboo storage products, bamboo kitchen products, bamboo cloth storage, and bamboo shelves. In the third phase of the exhibition, more than 40 jelly food products were developed, which is more diversified compared to previous exhibition product categories, And it is targeted. At the same time, the exhibition team carefully summarized the experience of previous exhibitions, carefully designed the exhibition hall, produced decorative posters, promotional pages, and catalog books, further enhancing the beauty and attractiveness of the booth, and fully leveraging the booth's promotional and drainage role.

During the exhibition, the business team of the import and export company warmly received customers from around the world, including the United States, France, Russia, Singapore, Australia, Vietnam, Dubai, etc. They patiently recommended a series of products to customers and established contact channels through exchanging business cards, adding WeChat, and pushing email. On the first day of the second phase of the Home Furnishings Exhibition, we received over 50 inquiries from purchasing and supplier customers, and contacted over 30 potential customers. In total, we received over 500 purchasing and supplier customers, and approached over 180 potential customers. The number of customer visits and potential customers reached a new high since the company participated in the exhibition.

Next, the import and export company will carefully sort out customer information, conduct customer follow-up work through a combination of "online and offline" methods such as email, WeChat, and phone, continue to follow up on business, and work hard on the development of new products and supply chain upgrading. We will quickly open a breakthrough in foreign trade self operated e-commerce business, promote the transformation and upgrading of business sectors, create new profit growth points, and focus on promoting the high-quality development of the import and export company.

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