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Bamboo Products


Bamboo products refers to raw materials for processing of bamboo products, more for daily necessities, such as bamboo, bamboo screen, bamboo skimmer, seive, bamboo steamer, bamboo ChuiZhou, bamboo, bamboo winnowing pan, dustpan rake, laundry list, bamboo pole, bamboo chopstick, brooms, bamboo hat, Dian ZhuBian, bamboo basket, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo bed stool, bamboo bamboo chair, deck chair, chopping block, mat, cup mat, curtains, etc., Bamboo flooring and furniture are popular in recent years. There are also some folk handicrafts with high value, such as bamboo carvings. Bamboo charcoal products are also very promising. Xianning, hubei province is rich in wool bamboo, Xianning's bamboo products unique shape, exquisite carving, bright color, variety of designs and colors, marketing domestic, as a traditional local handicraft, welcomed by tourists.

Historical origin
Chinese people have always loved bamboo. China is also the first country in the world to study, cultivate and utilize bamboo. From the huge role of bamboo in the development of Chinese history and culture as well as the formation of Chinese spiritual culture, the long-standing relationship between bamboo and Chinese poetry, painting, calligraphy and garden construction, as well as the close connection between bamboo and people's lives, it is not difficult to see that China is worthy of being honored as the "country of bamboo civilization". No other plant has had such a profound impact on Chinese civilization as bamboo.

1. prevention of rheumatoid arthritis. Bamboo has automatic regulation and temperature maintenance, its own cooling and heat release, warm in winter and cool in summer characteristics.

2. health vision. The grain of bamboo material has the function that absorbs ultraviolet ray, colour and lustre is decorous, downy sweet, beneficial to the vision of the person, can reduce the occurrence of myopia.

3. Reduce noise. Bamboo itself has the function of sound absorption, sound insulation, reducing sound pressure and shortening residual sound time.

4. Avoid allergic asthma. Bamboo in through high temperature cooking, bleaching, carbonization, remove all nutrients in the bamboo fiber, completely destroy the living conditions of moths and bacteria, no mildew, can reduce asthma, allergic disease.

5. The nature of nature. Bamboo is a natural living organism like human beings, and its spinning has regular changes in the irregularity. Its natural color and special texture are just like that of Su Dongpo, a poet in the Song Dynasty, who said, "It is better to eat without meat than live without bamboo." Natural materials are the symbol of elegance and preciousness. Natural fragrance, beautiful texture of bamboo, will also emit fresh and fragrant gas, conducive to physical and mental health.

Commodities: bamboo basket, bamboo sieve, bamboo strainer, Shau Kei, bamboo steamer, cooker, bamboo dustpan, bamboo dustpan, bamboo rake, baskets, bamboo pole, bamboo chopsticks, bamboo broom, bamboo bamboo bamboo, bamboo board, bamboo basket, bamboo mat, bamboo bed and so on.

Craftsmanship: Zhang Jiasui, an old bamboo artisan from Changshan County, Zhejiang Province, made bamboo book shoe board, bamboo jade crown bottle and other folk crafts. The front of the shoe board is: hollow octagonal, "Fu Lu Shouxi", "Wang Zhengshan Swastika" and so on.

Tougher: Bamboo is harder and denser than wood, with higher compressive and bending strength;

More beautiful: clear bamboo grain, beautiful board, natural color, pleasant bamboo incense, elegant texture style;

More durable: bamboo does not accumulate dust, do not condensation, easy to clean, to avoid the reproduction of mites bacteria, from the disturbance of moth;

More comfortable: bamboo can automatically adjust the environmental humidity and moisture resistance, low thermal conductivity, with the characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer;

More health: bamboo has the function of absorbing ultraviolet light, so that people in indoor living eyes have a comfortable feeling, can prevent the occurrence and development of myopia and other eye diseases;

Quiet: bamboo sound absorption and sound insulation, in addition to bass, pressure residual sound, effectively eliminate noise, but also your quiet state of mind.

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