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How to deal with mildew-proof bamboo products


1. Physical treatment method
High temperature sterilization method: use baking, exposure, steam to kill mold
Water immersion method: soak bamboo or bamboo products in running water or running water for a period of time, so that the surface layer of soluble sugar and other nutrients can be leached, and then dried, which is conducive to mildew prevention.
Smoking method: Put the bamboo products at a distance of 3 meters to 5 meters from the stove, let the firewood smoke the bamboo products, and the surface will turn brown, but the physical treatment method lacks lasting mildew resistance
High temperature sterilization method, water immersion method, and smoking method. Bamboo products treated by the first two methods should be stored in a ventilated and dry place, otherwise it will easily become moldy after absorbing moisture; the bamboo treated by the latter method should be kept in a timely manner. dry to prevent mildew
2. Chemical treatment method (recommended)
The chemical treatment method is mainly divided into the brushing method and the soaking method. The bamboo products are evenly coated with the anti-mold agent on the surface of the bamboo, or the anti-mold liquid is prepared, and the bamboo products are completely immersed in the liquid to inhibit or kill the bamboo surface. With deep mold, to achieve long-term mold prevention of bamboo.
1. Brushing method (recommended): Use a brush or a brush to apply the bamboo product antifungal agent VC-1000 evenly on the surface of the bamboo product, leaving no gaps, to ensure that any part of the bamboo product surface is painted Bamboo products antifungal agent VC-1000, kills the mould in bamboo products and forms an antifungal protective layer;
2. Soaking method (recommended): Prepare the bamboo product anti-mold agent VC-1100 in the ratio of 1:20 to obtain the bamboo product anti-mold potion, then put the bamboo products into the anti-mold potion, soak for 3 to 5 minutes, and then Pick it up and dry it. This method is mildew-proof and has a lasting effect on mildew.

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