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How to choose toothpicks?


In the dental clinic, there are many patients with "plugged teeth". This may seem like a small problem, but it causes big pain. The doctor reminds that tooth plugging, that is, food impaction, can easily cause gum recession, caries, bad breath, and patients will feel painful and bleeding. Food impaction is mostly caused by abnormal contact between adjacent teeth, excessive tooth surface wear or gum recession.

Eating after food impaction becomes a burden, what should they do? Some patients have symptoms of food impaction, at this time, the patients need to rely on toothpicks. It is best to choose toothpicks with oblate or triangular cross-section.

It is also important to use toothpicks. Toothpicks should be hard, not easy to be broken, with smooth surface, but without burrs, flat or triangular cross-sections. It is best to buy commercially available finished toothpicks and keep them clean.

Toothpicks are best used when there is a gap between the teeth. The toothpick enters at a 45-degree angle, with the tip facing the tooth surface that bites things, and the side edge is in contact with the gums in the gap. Then use the side edge of a toothpick along the 
Especially in the concave root surface and root bifurcation parts, the toothpick tip and the side edge can be used to scrape off, and the tooth surface can be polished. If there is food fiber impaction, you can do a buccal and lingual puncture to remove the food, and then rinse your mouth.

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