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How to choose and maintain bamboo products


There are three points to pay attention to when bamboo products are not cracked:
First, it is the most important thing to buy bamboo products made of old bamboo with a bamboo age of 8 to 10 years, especially high-end bamboo art.
The second is to paint with natural resin to prevent cracking.
The third is maintenance. Bamboo products are afraid of drying. If they are too dry, they will easily crack. Pay attention to it in autumn and winter.
1. Drying and ventilation are the most important. Because of the particularity of bamboo furniture, it should be placed in a dry place. If it is often placed in a damp and dark place, it will be beneficial to the reproduction of microorganisms due to humidity, and mold worms will easily occur. For large bamboo utensils such as cabinets, bookshelves, and recliners, the dirt in the crevices should be removed, rinsed with clean water, and dried. Especially for bamboo utensils that are not used temporarily, they should be washed, dried, and then stored in a dry, ventilated place.
 2. Make sufficient preparations. If you have the conditions, apply varnish and cooked tung oil when you just buy back the bamboo furniture. This is not only mothproof, but also durable and beautiful, which is a good thing with multiple birds. Newly purchased small and medium-sized bamboo utensils, such as baskets, summer mats, and other products, should preferably be re-steamed with high-temperature sealed steam. Steaming for 2-3 hours can completely kill the insects and microorganisms hidden in the bamboo utensils. You can also use boiling water and a certain amount of salt to soak the bamboo utensils for 1-2 days, which can also prevent insects from occurring. If insects are found, the following methods can be used to remove the insects: one is to use an appropriate amount of sharp chili or Chinese pepper, smash into the powder, stuff it into the borehole, and pour it with boiling water, which has the effect of killing insects and can prevent the spread of insects; It is mixed with kerosene and a small amount of dichlorvos, dripped into the boreholes, and can also kill the borers. However, this method is not suitable for bamboo utensils such as baskets and cabinets for storing food to prevent accidents.

Bamboo wood mothproof and anti-corrosion treatment 1) The physical methods mainly include high temperature method, water immersion method, smoke method, air conditioning method, far infrared method, microwave method and radiation method. The advantages of these methods are pollution-free and five residual poisons. The disadvantage is that the treated bamboo or bamboo products may be infected again with borers and molds if they are not stored properly. In addition, bamboo felled in spring is easy to be eaten by insects, and bamboo felled in winter is hard to be eaten by insects. Therefore, bamboo felling should be arranged in winter as much as possible. In addition, the felled bamboo should be transported to the production site as soon as possible for use, or be treated with insect-proof and moth-proof treatment to reduce moth and mildew. 2) Chemical methods mainly include coating method, dipping method, cooking method, fumigation method and pressure injection method. The advantages of these methods are good moth-proofing and anti-corrosion effects and a long time. The disadvantage is that some agents are toxic and easily pollute the product and the environment. With the increase of people’s awareness of environmental protection, the environmental protection requirements and standards for bamboo insecticides, preservatives, and antifungal agents have become higher and higher. For example, Europe has banned the use of CCA, PCP and other preservatives, and mainly used CCB and CCF. , And ACQ and other preservatives. 

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