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Tips for Using Dental Floss


Tips for using dental floss
People often wonder whether using dental floss is harmful to our teeth. In fact, using dental floss is very good for our dental health, but many people do not use it, or dare not use it, worrying that the gap between the teeth will become larger.
1. Bleeding gums may occur when used
When using dental floss, slowly "slide" it between the teeth, close to the adjacent surface of one of the teeth, and insert it into the gums. Starting from the lowest point of the gums, gently pull the floss up and down to clean, so that it will not damage the gums. The main cause of gum bleeding is caused by inflammation of the gums. At this time, you should use dental floss to clean, and you should see a doctor for further treatment. .
2. Does flossing make the gap between the teeth bigger?
Dental floss uses more nylon thread, which is thinner, and the gap between the teeth can be put into the dental floss far. And flossing can effectively clean the dirt between the teeth.
3. Does everyone need to use dental floss?
If conditions permit, especially those who have interdental space, they should use dental floss. If you suffer from periodontal disease and cause gingival recession and there is a large interdental space, you can choose to use interdental brush instead of dental floss

4. Can toothpicks be used instead of dental floss to clean between teeth?Toothpicks are harder. Sticking a toothpick between your teeth can easily damage the gum tissue and cause bleeding. Over time, it is easy to cause receding gums and enlargement between teeth. Therefore, the best way to clean the adjacent surfaces of teeth is to use dental floss. To use dental floss correctly, take a 30-40 cm length of dental floss, and wrap the two ends of the floss around the second knuckle of the index finger of both hands, about two or three times. About 5 cm between the two fingers, use your thumb or index finger to straighten the dental floss, guide the dental floss into the gap between the teeth, close to the adjacent surface of the teeth and form a slightly C shape, slowly scrape up and down to clean the sides of the teeth and the deep gaps between the gums , After scraping one side of the tooth surface, scrape the other tooth surface of the same tooth gap to clean up the food residue, plaque and soft scale in the tooth gap. Change a section of clean dental floss and use the same method to shave the adjacent surfaces of the teeth one by one and rinse your mouth.

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