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Maintenance Method of Bamboo Products


Maintenance method of bamboo products
In normal days, some people use some bamboo products in their homes. Bamboo boards are not only natural in color, flexible in raw materials, and non-toxic and harmless, and the amount of formaldehyde is almost zero, which is often healthy and environmentally friendly.
The use and maintenance of bamboo utensils
1. Please do not pour 
boiling water directly at the beginning of use to avoid uneven processing of bamboo baskets due to uneven processing on the inside and outside of the bamboo. Please do not store water in the bamboo utensils for a long time. Because bamboo is afraid of long-term blisters, the inner layer of the bamboo is very valuable. Please try not to wash it with detergent or the like. Please clean and dry after each use.
2. Soak it in light salt water for 3 hours, then steam it with egg basket water for 30 
minutes or so, to avoid mildew, moth-eaten and cracking of bamboo utensils.
3. When it is not used for a long time, it can be sealed and kept in a plastic bag after being dried in the sun (subject to the appearance of the bamboo without water and wetness), and a moisture-proof bag can be placed.
4. A good way is to use it often and play with it frequently, so that the bamboo ware can be bright and natural.
5. If you need to keep it as a collection, make a special wooden inner lattice cabinet for storage. The temperature of the dedicated storage cabinet is between 20°C and 35°C, and the relative humidity is between 35% and 40%. If the temperature is too dry and too high, you can put a bowl of water indoors, or put a few books in the cabinet. When the summer is too boring, you can put half a glass of water on the grid, but keep a certain distance from the water glass. The old method can also be used, but the moisture resurgence is stronger and should not be too much. Especially in the rainy season in June and July every year, you should always check if you find long hairs, use a bristle brush to remove them in time.
6. Anti-cracking of bamboo ware is a very high-level technical problem. The current method is nothing more than cooking and smoking with various medicines, but bamboo ware treated by this method is no longer conducive to health. Smaller bamboo products will inevitably appear cracking without this kind of treatment. The degree of cracking varies depending on the application situation. There is an old saying: dry for three years, wet for three years, not dry or wet for three years, it is bamboo, so bamboo utensils must be used frequently to prevent cracking. .
7. Bamboo products are 
most resistant to moths and termites. Changing varnish and cooked tung oil on the outside is a useful way to avoid these two enemies.
8. After use, try to keep the appearance clean to avoid breeding bacteria and bugs.
Any bathhouse cabinet should pay attention to maintenance. The shower bathhouse is divided into dry and wet areas, so that very good bathhouse cabinets and other wood and bamboo bathhouse furniture can be obtained very well, which is also the breaking of waterproof materials.
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