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Advantages of Dental Floss


Advantages of dental floss
There are two types of dental floss: one type of shaft-type dental floss, which is one that is pulled out, and the other one with a wire rack, called a dental floss stick, each has its own magical functions.
1.stamped teeth first aid
Everyone has experienced eating stuffy teeth, especially after eating meat and crude fiber food, the kind of uncomfortable food jams and really can’t wait. At this time, flossing is the safest, most comfortable and most decent.
2. Relieve embarrassment
Food residue stuck between the teeth after eating. This is not a trivial matter. It makes people embarrassed not to mention, and they will be put on unspecialized hats. So I remind everyone to get into the habit of rinsing mouth in time after meals, and you have to carry it with you. Prepare dental floss, use dental floss to clean the gap between teeth after rinsing, oral hygiene should not be neglected.
3. Free from the persecution of adjacent caries
No matter how often you brush your teeth, 30% of the interdental teeth cannot be brushed. Using dental floss every day to prevent dental caries on the adjacent surfaces of the two teeth. This problem is especially prone to occur for children.
4. Prevent gum atrophy and slow down periodontal aging
After the age of 30, the gap between the teeth becomes larger and the bleeding of the gums becomes more and more. This means that gingivitis is starting to find you. The reason is the long-term irritation of dental plaque. After brushing your teeth every night, carefully floss your teeth. Sewing, can promote periodontal blood circulation, your periodontal will be lower than other people's chance of aging and problems, this is certain.
5. Dental floss detection and fillings.
This is what dentists often do. First, pull the dental floss into the gap between the teeth and pull it slightly. If there is resistance or the dental floss is stuck, it is difficult to pull out, indicating that the continuity of the dental restoration is better. The normal contact between the two teeth is restored, so that the teeth will not be congested when eating. If the dental floss is broken, the hair is split, it means that the tooth restoration has sharp edges and needs further adjustment.
6. Repair outdoor products
Outdoor products, such as umbrellas, backpacks, tents, etc., are easily damaged, and large and small holes appear. Small holes can also be sewn with ordinary thread. Large holes can be sewn back and forth with dental floss. You must know that dental floss is made of special materials. Some materials like polymer thread are used to make body armor. Flossing is absolutely strong and reliable.
Square Box Dental Flossers
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