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Precautions for Using Toothpicks


Precautions for using toothpicks
When people eat, there is often a small amount of fibrous food impacted between the teeth, which is very uncomfortable and harmful to the teeth. It should be removed in time. Many people like to use toothpicks to pick their teeth. In fact, this is not a good habit. People who flick their teeth are prone to contraction of the gums and expose the roots of their teeth. When using toothpicks, it is easy to damage the gums and cause local damage. After a long time, the gums are easy to shrink, the gap between the teeth becomes larger and larger, and the food impaction will become heavier and heavier, forming a vicious circle. In addition, the quality of toothpicks on the market varies greatly. Toothpicks drawn from the public toothpick tubes of restaurants are very worrying about their hygienic conditions, and the bacterial content on their surfaces often exceeds the standard. Some people even use small wooden sticks or iron wires to replace toothpicks. Not to mention that they are not clean, and they are more likely to damage the gums. According to reports, there have been cases of tetanus caused by picking teeth with unclean brooms and bamboo branches, which has to arouse people's vigilance. As the saying goes: "The wise learn from the blood of others, and the fool uses his own blood to create lessons." Therefore, even if you use a toothpick to pick your teeth, you should choose a product from a regular manufacturer that has a good packaging, a factory name, a factory address, a sanitary license, and has been strictly disinfected, and the usage must be correct.
Selection method
The toothpicks are hard, smooth and without burrs. The top is slightly thin but not too sharp. After soaking in water, it will not change color or taste, and the tip will not be soft. It is better for some poor-quality toothpicks on the market to use industrial hydrogen peroxide to bleach. It will cause great harm to the human body. It is recommended to use high-quality products from regular manufacturers and try not to choose unnatural products with white toothpicks.
To pick your teeth, choose high-quality wood or other suitable material toothpicks, with sufficient hardness and toughness, smooth surface, suitable size, and have a shape that gradually becomes thinner from the middle to the ends. Long-term use of toothpicks will cause certain damage to the teeth. It is recommended to brush your teeth when conditions permit.
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