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How are toothpicks made


Toothpicks are divided into wood and bamboo, and the machine is different. See what raw materials are available in your local area and then you can choose suitable machines for production.

Remember not to choose wood with great taste, such as pine (the smell of pine oil is strong, and many people don’t like it)

Take bamboo toothpicks for example:

Cut a whole bamboo into sections according to a certain length. (Original bamboo sawing machine)

The cut bamboo is broken into bamboo strips of a certain width (original bamboo breaking machine)

Remove the knots on the bamboo strips and flatten them, and limit the width. (Fixed width and section opening machine)

The smooth bamboo strips are processed into long bamboo filaments with the thickness of toothpicks. (Bamboo wire forming machine is also called wire drawing machine)

The bamboo shreds are boiled at a high temperature and then dried or dried. (The drying room is self-built)

Cut the bamboo silk into a multiple of the length of the toothpick. (Bamboo wire sizing machine)

Cut the bamboo silk into multiple toothpick sticks. (Toothpick sizing machine)

Sand the toothpick stick smoothly. (Rolling polishing machine)

Sharpen one end or both ends of the toothpick stick. (Toothpick Forming Machine)

It can then be sold at the factory.

Toothpicks are equipped with many equipment, and the processing time is long, and the knives need to be polished. (Multi-purpose sharpener)

Most of the machines are universal, as long as the knife mold is replaced, and the forming machine is added, products such as barbecue sticks and chopsticks can be produced.

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