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How to use toothpick


Many people are in the habit of picking their teeth after meals. As a matter of fact, healthy teeth that are arranged properly are less likely to be impregnated with food. However, frequent use of bad toothpicks or improper use of toothpicks will also damage the teeth and gums, resulting in receding gums, exposed roots, widened gaps and bacterial infections in the mouth. The wider the gap between the teeth, the easier it is for food debris to get stuck, creating a vicious cycle known as "the thinner the teeth get". So is it a good idea to use a toothpick at all? We believe that flossing can be beneficial as long as it is used correctly and in a timely manner.

Try not to pick your teeth in public. When you need to pick your teeth, you should first prepare a piece of paper, and then cover your mouth with your other hand. The things you pick out should not be watched or re-entered in public, or spit casually. You should wrap the paper towels you prepared before picking your teeth and throw them into the trash can or next to the table. Don't hold a toothpick in your mouth after picking, and don't use it to grab food. Do not push too hard or slide too fast.

The specific technique for correct tooth picking is to place the toothpick slowly into the base of the gingival groove along the tooth surface, and then gently push out the food residue to the tongue. The action must be gentle to avoid damage to the periodontal tissue. It is best to gargle 15 to 20 minutes after eating. To gargle, close your mouth and use force on your cheeks to rinse food debris and other fixtures out of the impaction. If you encounter the impaction of food residue in the teeth, you can not gargle out, you can use a toothbrush, or use a handkerchief or towel to hold the impaction of food to gently wipe, to promote the food residue from the impaction, which can not only promote the metabolism of teeth and related tissues, but also have the effect of strong tooth cementing gingiva.

Pay attention to use
It is especially easy to plug one's teeth when eating or eating food. At this point, the toothpick becomes an essential tool. In addition to removing the food stuffed between the teeth, toothpick can also remove dental plaque and soft dirt, especially the plaque on the adjacent surface. The correct use of toothpick, can be used as a supplement to brush teeth every day, is conducive to tooth health care; Incorrect use of toothpicks, will make the gap between the teeth larger, but also more likely to breed soft dirt, leading to tooth decay.

2 toothpick with hard, smooth without burr, tip slightly fine.

3. Slide slowly along the two tooth surfaces of each tooth gap and force should not be too fast or too hard. The side of the toothpick should be scraped several times against the tooth surface.

4. Toothpicks are some of the elderly supplies after the meal, but if use undeserved can cause gingivitis, toothpick is best used in situations where there is a gap between teeth, if normal gingival papilla, toothpick is limited to use within the gingival sulcus, because it can make originally not clearance gap is formed between the teeth, food more easily embedded plug, then use a toothpick to pick out, over time, Become vicious circle, make tooth space increases, gingiva nipple atrophic, cause periodontal disease to affect beautiful and function again already.

5. Use the right method. Some people are eager to remove the plugs and pick out whatever they hold, such as knives, match sticks, tacks, hairpins, etc., which cause more serious plugs.

Health Precautions
A single toothpick may harbor tens of thousands of bacteria, which can easily lead to diseases such as hepatitis B and tuberculosis. By 2012, the China Consumer Association had issued a consumer warning, saying that many toothpicks in Chinese restaurants were "three zero" products, and that the country had not yet set standards for toothpicks. Accordingly, consumer should choose a toothpick only every time, break namely after using, prevent 2 pollution, throw away after using.

It is understood that the toothpick safety problem can be produced in two stages, one is the production stage, because the toothpick production technology is low, the producers are mostly family workshops, quality is difficult to guarantee; Second, due to improper preservation in the process of use, may cause secondary pollution. According to the health department, safety precautions:

1. Many people have the habit of picking their teeth with a toothpick after meals, but they do not know that the wrong way or every day without a reason to pick the teeth, the gap between the teeth will be bigger and bigger, will also damage the gums, but can not achieve the effect of tooth protection.

2. The toothpick head is relatively sharp, so it should be safe when using, and do not puncture the gums or other parts of the mouth. There is also a point of special attention is to put the toothpick in the right place, if there are children at home, do not take care to let him get, put in the mouth, may plunge into the child, if serious words fall into the stomach, the consequences will be more serious. So here is a reminder to pay attention to the correct position of the toothpick.

3. The toothpick can not be used often, frequent use will make the gap between the teeth wider, so that you use the toothpick more times.

4. Don't often hold a toothpick in the mouth, according to Jinan oral hospital, there are consumers with toothpicks accidentally swallowed into the stomach, the small intestine through the hospital emergency operation was removed from the body, nearly lost their lives, similar patients have been hospitalized in the hospital more cases.

Master the right method
The hygienic condition and correct use of toothpick is directly related to the dental health care and oral hygiene, must not be taken lightly. For the sake of your health, you should know the correct way to use a toothpick. There are three main ways:

Number one, don't floss your teeth if you don't have any plugs. Also, get in the habit of brushing your teeth properly every day.

Second, do not hold the toothpick in the mouth, because the toothpick head is more pointed, accidentally into the esophagus, there will be life danger, but also easy to puncture the mouth. For consumers with dental diseases and food easy to embed plugs, you can choose to use 100% degradable starch toothpicks; Advocate the use of interspace brush instead of toothpick, interspace brush is a special brush for cleaning dental plaque and food residue adjacent to the teeth, the use of interspace brush on the cleaning effect is very good, but also can prevent periodontal disease, so it should be vigorously advocated.

Third, choose to use a toothpick, want to choose products made of cork, surface must be clean without a thorn, tip can't be too sharp, should be smooth, to choose the packing is good, have a producer name and address, hygiene license, pass strict disinfection of normal manufacturer of products, not in an airtight container and please don't use toothpicks may cause pollution, bad teeth with a toothpick will make the pick out the bad teeth.

If everyone has mastered the correct way to use toothpicks, then the teeth and oral cavity will be more hygienic and healthy, and the knowledge of tableware in daily life will be more understanding, and life will be more beautiful.

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