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Disposable Dental Floss Picks
  • Disposable Dental Floss PicksDisposable Dental Floss Picks
  • Disposable Dental Floss PicksDisposable Dental Floss Picks
  • Disposable Dental Floss PicksDisposable Dental Floss Picks

Disposable Dental Floss Picks

High quality Disposable Dental Floss Picks is offered by China manufacturers Longyan. Buy Disposable Dental Floss Picks which is of high quality directly with low price. Heart Bottle Dental Flossers: Bottled disposable dental flossers, daily oral care and clean,hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, household dental flossers wholesale.


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As a professional high quality Disposable Dental Floss Picks manufacturers, you can rest assured to buy Disposable Dental Floss Picks from Longyan and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

Disposable Dental Floss Picks

Dental Disposable Dental Floss Picks

1. Cut about 45 cm of dental floss (about the same length as the arm).

2. One end of the floss is wrapped around the second knuckle of the middle finger of one hand, about two or three times, which can fix the floss. Then, at a distance of about 25 cm, wrap the floss around the second knuckle of the middle finger of the other hand for two or three turns. In this way, the clean sections can be used in turn by loosening one circle and winding another circle at the same time.

3. Clench the middle finger, ring finger and little finger of both hands, keep the thumb and index finger straight, if the child is playing with a gun.

4. At this time, turn the palm over so that the palm is outward, the two thumbs are inward and contact each other, and make the two thumbs and the two index fingers at right angles to see if you can tighten the floss. If you can, the floss is the right length between the middle fingers. If not, it can be adjusted again.

5. The thumb is more like, the index finger is up, the thumb of one hand and the index finger of the other hand tighten the floss together, and through the fleshy place of the finger, the floss is about one centimeter between the second-hand fingers, at the same time, the second-hand finger is straight, nail to nail.

6. Take the floss into the gap between the teeth and slide along the teeth into the joint between the teeth and gums until it meets the natural resistance. Then tighten the floss on the face of the tooth, and move up and down to scrape the face of the tooth until you hear a "squeak".

7. After shaving one side of the tooth, scrape the other side of the same tooth.

8. When flossing the tooth surface, tighten the tooth surface and make it slightly "C" shape. The contact area of dental floss can cover the whole adjacent surface.

9. When flossing begins, start with the central incisor, then move backward in sequence until the last face of the last tooth. In other words, the most accessible front teeth move slowly back.

10. Operate the right anterior teeth area 12. The anterior teeth of the mandible are still matched by a thumb and an index finger. At this time, the index finger is adjusted up and down, and the key is to raise the arm of the index finger hand. The posterior area of the lower jaw, like the upper jaw, uses two index fingers.

Product number LY-F-01 Custom design Accept
Specification 2.5*15cm Origin FUJIAN
Packaging 20-50pcs/box Packing specification H7.5cm   
Colour white Disposable goods YES
Degradable YES Notice There is error in measurement, which is subject to the actual object.

Heart Bottle Dental Flossers Heart Bottle Dental Flossers

Dental Disposable Dental Floss Picks
2-in-1 function: The dental floss pick can pick out unwanted residues, remove plaque that toothbrush can't reach, help prevent tooth decay and keep teeth clean. It can be used as an interdental brush or a toothpick for a deep clean between teeth and gums.
Easy to Carry: Easy to carry, you can put it in your purse, briefcase, car, pocket or bag. Wherever you go, you can easily carry your floss and use it anytime.

Disposable Disposable Dental Floss Picks
Dental floss, also known as floss stick, is a product used in daily oral care with toothbrush. Before floss sticks, people used floss to achieve the same effect. Compared with dental floss, dental floss stick is more convenient, efficient, safe and hygienic.

Toothbrush can only brush 70% of the surface of the teeth. Dental floss makes up for the shortcomings of toothbrush. It is a household tooth protection product widely used in Europe and America. This product can be used as toothpick and dental floss. Smooth curved dental floss head design, 2kg tensile dental floss to protect the gums, remove dental plaque, soft dirt, food residues. There are anti-skid ribs or various anti-skid textures in the middle of the toothpick. The toothpick head is flat, such as knife shape, which is more conducive to inserting into the teeth. It can be bent into a 45 degree angle, which is conducive to removing food debris that can not be touched by ordinary toothpicks.

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